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            It is winter. The sky moves in a swirling nimbus, the heavy wind moving snow-thick clouds to undulate against a canvas of heavy grey. The building rises like an accusing finger through the fast-rising snow, grey on white on black on grey and one yellow light against the grey sky, one yellow light grasping pulling seizing at his eyes, rocking his feet into the thin pavement. He coughs, a soft sigh, a cloud of evanescent warmth and the whistle of an oncoming train (in the background, harsh soundtrack to harsher weather). The rails thumpthump through the tiny backyard (he cannot see them here but a thousand times before he has, it is so easy to see the white light against the grey the tiny faces of people pressed to frosted glass) and he takes a step from tar to concrete, from grey to grey to the door and inside it is cold and frost curls within his dark hair.
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Nobody Understands Me (Except Satan)
(Boy walks on with dark eye makeup and cloak.)
My friends and I wore our cloaks to school the other day. Reppin' the coven. (He makes an elaborate gesture with his fingers to illustrate fangs) Yeaaah. You should have seen the looks we got. People are so jealous of us. 'Cause we got style, you know? We got class. When we stalk down the halls, sometimes people get out of our way. I mean, we'd definitely prefer to stalk up and down the nighttime streets, but…my mom doesn't let me out after 9:30. Oh, Satan. (he sighs) She is so archaic. I don't think she's ever read a single Anne Rice book. She doesn't understand the, like, pageantry of the coven. She's just all, "Billy! Be home by curfew or I'm making you clean out Mr. Tubbins's cage for a week!" As if anyone calls me Billy. I am no average adolescent, fettered by the bonds of a restrictive and backwards society. I am Armand Moonsword, vampire of the night. (The last word is hissed and he indicates fan
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Pirate Rap :iconscurveydog:scurveydog 2 15
The Seashell Queens
The sky was a long, pale streak of blue and pink across the horizon when we headed down to the beach, slapping our sandals against the old gray road and giggling through our fingers. The morning was cold and smelling of salt and excitement—together we linked our little fingers and walked like elephants in slippers, soft and silent with the promise of golden sand in our sight.
The water felt like ice against our toes and we shrieked and spun like the seagulls, tripping falling laughing in the dunes and weaving crowns of wild grass for our hair. We were the seashell queens, our palaces made of mud and mussel shells, our scepters spiky coral and our breath rolling in like the tides. We explored the tiny pools of fish among the seaweed-slick rocks and stood bold against the sun which rose like the red burns on our shoulders. By the time breakfast was on the table we were full and trembling with the secret of our majesty.
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The Prologue
The air is fog dark, hazy with smoke, pulling the last hours of the day in long thin threads to wrap around white fingers, around yesterday and tomorrow and the crumpled edges of Villain's cigarette. He breathes faint clouds into the October evening, and the edges of his vision are blurred slurry and soft. Villain has eyes like early morning (gray) a nose you could strike a match on (he does) and a cat's predatory smile (it won't hurt, not much, I promise). The edges of his world are knit together in fine striped cotton and bootlaces-- he is long clean leather in some places but mostly scuffed, mostly worn. He smells like lost chances and the inside of someone else's mouth. The leaves around his feet spin, still.
He closes his eyes and breathes (hisses) stubs out the cigarette and walks inside. The leaves catch the deadened flame, spark, blacken, curl. Everything is quiet.
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In the dusk-yellow sunshine of the desert, the morning wind is crackling like static over the sand. It breathes salt, breathes sore throats and raw skin against the red mountains. The crows are croaking again, low and harsh and rattling like the final breaths of a half-dead man.
This man is alive. He crawls spidery and long-limbed against the dirt-rimed cliffs, lost now in a patch of purple shadow. Now here he is in the sunlight, new and watery, and his skin is red and peeling, and the snatches that have fallen off flutter to the dunes below like snow. This man is alive
(alive for now)
alive for the hot cruel scratch scratch of the sun on his back, on the back of his skull and dry in his hollow cheeks. This man drinks water like
       blood like
       nectar like
       life dripping past his tonsils and curl-purring deep in his belly. This man is alive for now forever and alone.
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